Mitt Gamon's first album "UNEASY LISTENING" featured Ian Dury, Jennifer Maidman , Annie Whitehead and many others. Mitt plays harmonica and guitar and the album also features a guest appearance by Ian Dury on vocals.Mitt has contributed to literally hundreds of recordings by well known artists including Godley and Creme, Boy George, The Ruts, Sam Brown, Murray Head, and the Gang of Four. This is Mitt's first solo album.He describes it as "20 years of flustration being forced through a pinhole".. OUCH.

Some of the other musicians are Steve Monti(from the Blockheads and Curve) on drums, Steve Spring also plays drums, Annie Whitehead on trombone,John Turnbull (Spritual Cowboys, Blockheads) on guitar,Paul Whittaker also on guitar and Carol Issacs on keys. Jennifer Maidman plays bass, keys, drums, guitar and also produced.

Here are some samples from Uneasy Listening:


A Poor Life135k wav(features Ian Dury)

The Feelgood Factor210k wav(SERIOUS blues harp!)


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